Filling Machines

Filling Machines - VS 100

VS 100 is used for only filling liquids and semi-solids in cups, pouches or other containers. The machine is foot-switch operated. The operator has to press the foot-switch/ proximity sensor in order to dispense the set quantity into the container. For higher production rates multiple head fillers (up-to 10 heads) can be offered

  • Filling machine
  • Semi automatic
  • 20-25 Strokes per minute
  • Overall dimensions:- 340*1300*540 mm.
  • Net weight : 110 kgs.
  • Hooper Capacity:- 40 Liters
  • 0.5KW, 440V, Single Phase, 50 C/S, AC
  • Low power usage
  • Low space utilisation
  • Minimal maintainance