Sealing Machines

Sealing Machines - Tagger Seal Machine

The can is placed manually onto a rotary indexing disc having four positions. The can presence is sensed by a sensor and the rotary disc indexes to move the can below a tagger magazine. The taggers loaded in the tagger magazine are dispensed one by one on top of the composite cans and are simultaneously spot sealed by a pneumatic cylinder. In the next position, the can with tagger is sealed by contact heat sealing with a pneumatically operated heated punch. The sealing temperature is adjustable by an electronic digital temperature controller. The sealed can is ejected out at the forth position via a suitable chute or an optional conveyor. The sealing punch and the tagger magazine are adjustable to suit the can height. For different diameter cans size parts are required. The machine can be designed for accepting rectangular or oval cans.

  • Semi-automatic machine
  • Seals 15-20 cans per minute
  • Power supply: - 230VAC/1Phase
  • 400Watts
  • Air Supply: 6.0Kg/