Filling Machines

Filling Machines - Semi-Automatic Flavoured Milk Filling Machine

This machine operates on vacuum filling Principle. A built in vacuum pump is connected to the bottle via a spring-loaded nozzle. The liquid milk is sucked from ground level due to the vacuum created in the bottle. The filled liquid level is automatically controlled by depth of immersion of vacuum nozzle (Adjustable) & excess milk is collected in bypass reservoir. This can be separately collected & reused.

  • Machine Output - 10-15 bottles per minute
  • Power - 0.5 HP, 230 VAC, 1 phase, 50 Hz,
  • Complete with vacuum pump.
  • Loading & unloading of bottles is manual
  • Filling Machine
  • Air Pressure: Max 6 kg/ cm2
  • Operation by foot switch
  • Semi Automatic