Filling and Sealing Machines

Filling and Sealing Machines - 2-6-R

Model 2-6-R is a fully automatic cup filling and sealing machine. It is similar to 1-6-R and has double its production capacity.

How does the machine work?
Cup Placement Station : At this station cups are kept in the given stack. After starting the machine, cups will be seated in the two cup rings fixed on the rotary type table.
Filling Station : At this station, material of required quantity is filled in the cups with the help of spool valve. At the top of this valve, a hopper is provided to store the material.
Lid Placement Station : At this station, lids are kept on the filled cups.
Sealing Station : At this station, the lids placed on the cup mouths are sealed with the help of two hot punches.
Data Printing Station (Optional) : At this station, printing can be done on the top of the lid.
Discharge Station : At this station, sealed cups are collected on a collection table.

  • Nominal Output : Atleast 2400 / 2600 cups per hour.
  • Overall dimensions : 86 W × 86 D × 180 H cm
  • Net weight : 700 Kgs (with conveyor)
  • Sealing temperature : 300 º C max, Electronically controlled.
  • Maximum filling cap/ stroke : 520c.c.
  • Accuracy : ± 0.5% of cylinder capacity

Servo Motor Operated Indexing Mechanism

  • Power : 2.0 KW/ 230 VAC, 1 Phase, 50 Hz
  • Air supply : 4 CFM @ 6.0 Kg per